Animal Success Stories
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Stoli (now Bree)

Hi, we just wanted to send an updated picture of Bree, whom we adopted from RUFF in March 2013. She was in the litter born on 1/25/13 that included Sambucca and others. Bree is a sweet, energetic girl who loves sleeping in our bed, resting on our lawn in the sun, and playing chase in the house. She's very friendly and loves trips to the dog park. -Dana

Antonio (now Possum)

Not sure if you remember a little tri-color chihuahua male I adopted from you about a year and half ago. He went by the name of Antonio then. He was very skinny and shy. Well, that little boy is grown up and filled out now and spoiled rotten as he can be!! He definitely rules the house and is the boss of the other two dogs who out-weigh him by about 60lbs each!! We named him Possum b/c my husband thought he looked like a drowned little possum when I brought him home. He wasn't very keen on my husband for the longest time, but now his Daddy is his best buddy except, of course, when he wants his Mama!! He is a precious gift in our life and I am really not sure who rescued who in this situation, but just wanted you to know how wonderful we think your organization is and how truly thankful we are for our Possum!!! I am going to try to attach some pics for you!! There is even a pic of him sleeping on his back (as he usually does) after playing outside with his brother, Bear (Aussie mix), but Possum doesn't think there is any difference between them!! That's his big brother!! Thank you, again!! Possum and I are going to try to come to one of your adoption events in Garner soon so as one of his favorite past times is riding in the car!! Warmest Regards, Carol

Worf (now Kobalt)

His new name is Kobalt and he is getting huge! (almost 60 lbs and only a little over 7 months!) and loves to play with his little-big brother, Riley, a Schnoodle mix. He enjoys a huge back yard while he is outside and also has his own large crate that he loves to lay around in during the day. He is never alone and has his brother, inside and outside with him, and his big sister, Abby, our black Lab, that keeps him company outside as well. He is extremely smart and became crate trained and potty trained really quickly, the only bad habit he has is digging! (which his brother, Riley, loves to help him with!) He also LOVES the water. We bought him a plastic baby pool over the summer and every time we fill it up he wants to drink it and stand in it and act like he's swimming with his paws! (it's hilarious!) We also took him to our river house and let him swim in the river and he really enjoyed it! We love him so much and are so grateful that we found RUFF and that you allowed us to have him!

Christopher Robin (now Murphy)

Hi my name is Murphy (formerly known as Christopher Robin) and I came into RUFF as shelter dog when I was found as a stray. My hair was so matted that it had to be shaved all off and I had little scabs everywhere all over my body. However, with some the right meds and some TLC RUFF had me well on my way to recovery in no time! Soon after I came into the program I met my Mom and I never looked back :) I am a spoiled rotten Prince and I am living the good life. I went from the streets to royalty and I get to sleep in the bed with her and I have a whole basket of my very OWN toys to play with and the best treats that money can buy. My Mom loves me more than words can say and I love her right back. Thank you RUFF for rescuing me and helping me find my forever home <3

Reef (now Blake)

Hi my name is Blake (formerly known as Reef) and I was brought into RUFF as a young pup and adopted out. My first family brought me back as an adult because they didn't think I would "fit in" with their new baby. Well guess what? Now I am someone else's baby! That's right! I have a new home and I am happier than I could have ever dreamed with my new Mom! Thanks RUFF for giving me a second chance at life and helping me find the right "fit"!

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