Animal Success Stories
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Hi Emily! Moss is doing great! We have another 3 week vet appointment on Sunday, so I don't know her official weight, but unofficially she's about 30 lbs and still growing! She is really a sweet, playful pup. We've gone on a few (some pretty long) road trips and she is a champ! One trip was out to Ohio to visit family. Moss found out that she loves swimming just like her big sister, Olive. She pretty much will do anything her big sister says, which has really helped with training. She can still be skittish around unfamiliar people and quick movements, like reaching down to pet her, but we're continuing to bring her around to different events/places to continue socializing her. We'll be discussing getting spayed and setting up the appointment at our upcoming vet appointment. We have had no health concerns or really any concerns with Moss! She is just the sweetest, loving pup! We really lucked out with her 😍❤️🐶 Thanks for checking in! We'll be glad to keep you updated with pictures anytime (I definitely have plenty!) -Elyse, Mike, Olive, and Moss

Gunnar (kna Milo)

Emily, He is such a good boy! He's healthy and strong. We went to the vet two days ago for vaccines and heartworm meds and he weighs 30 lbs! He also recently learned what his webbed feet are for...how handsome is this fella?! The Jameson Family

Deakon (kna Shadow)

Emily, We changed his name to Shadow, because has been Magnet's little shadow. He was at the vet for vaccinations and checkup Wednesday, he's a healthy boy, and he has kept up with us on all of our adventures this summer. No dandruff in months. He has been a great companion to Magnet. Looks like he'll wind up at about 40 lbs, he's 25 lbs now. Regards, Mark


June 19, 2015 I had to say goodbye to the most precious thing in my life, my Peanutt. I had prayed for 21 months for God's strength. My heart was torn out of me. I had been involved with Ruff and Karen and she knew my pain. She called me a month later and told me there was this little guy that needed me. Told her I was not ready but she asked that I take a look at him. I met Radar and this skinny, wild little guy has gotten me through this past year! I love him so and he loves his Mom. I can't thank Ruff, Karen or all the wonderful fosters enough. I am fortunate to work at a business that cares and supports my Htr Agents for Ruff. I didn't start it, Peanutt did. Love and Passion is what matters in this short life on earth. I am looking forward to heaven where all the dogs are. I most likely will see you there. Thank you Ruff for Radar and all you do to save more like him. It saves us humans.


Today we went to the vet for his next round of boosters, and he did great! He was such a gentleman. He weighs 17 pounds, so he's growing like crazy. Dr. McDaniel wants to wait until August to neuter. He definitely loves herding. We think it is adorable that he herds the wheelbarrow out to the pasture when we are giving the horses hay. He hasn't been allowed near them yet, still too little. His leash work is going well, too. My daughter built an agility course out of crates and swim noodles, and he does all kinds of cool obstacles. You were so right about giving him puzzles to think about and jobs to do. The days where we have the most time out on the farm are his happiest. He is completely housebroken and loves his crate at bedtime, no crying. I guess I could go on and on, but suffice it to say this was a great choice for us and him. He is SO loved by all three of us! This thing that he does with his ears is just adorable. I certainly don't mind updating you. He's fun to talk about. - Carol

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