Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet from Rescue Ur Forever Friend (RUFF).  Our adoption process consists of multiple steps:

Complete an adoption application. The purpose of the application is to help us to determine if the animal you are interested in is a good match for your family and life style.  There are three convenient ways to apply:

Interview. An experienced adoption counselor will review your application and contact you/meet with you to discuss your application and provide additional information on the pet.  We will verify the information provided on your application including, but not limited to, conducting veterinary checks, housing information, and reference checks.  Home visits are often conducted to see how the pet responds to your home environment and family members. 

Adoption Contract. Once all parties are in agreement that we have a match, you will be asked to sign an adoption contract.  By signing this contract you are agreeing to provide your new pet with appropriate veterinary care, food, water, and shelter, as well as providing them a safe and loving home environment.

Adoption Fee. To help offset the cost of daily care and veterinary services for our foster animals, RUFF charges the following adoption fees:  

  • Cats/Kittens - $100: Cats and kittens have their age appropriate vaccinations, including rabies, are feline leukemia/aids tested, spayed/neutered, and are treated for parasites prior to adoption.
  • Dogs/Puppies - $200: Dogs and puppies have their age appropriate vaccines, including rabies, are heartworm tested (age appropriately), spayed/neutered, and are treated for parasites prior to adoption. 
    • Young Puppy Policy - RUFF understands that some adopters may feel there are certain benefits to getting a puppy situated into its new home as young as possible. Therefore, with a spay/neuter deposit of $100, RUFF will allow healthy puppies too young to be sterilized and rabies vaccinated to be adopted.  If the adopter chooses this route and has the puppy sterilized by their own veterinarian, RUFF will promptly refund the $100 deposit upon receipt of proof of sterilization. If the adopter chooses to have the puppy sterilized by a veterinarian working with RUFF, the $100 deposit will be used to cover the cost of the surgery and rabies vaccination. Additional information is available on our Spay/Neuter Policy.

Thank you for considering adopting from Rescue Ur Forever Friend.